Citizenshift: Autonomy in the Point

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This 12-minute podcast explores the Autonomous Social Center (ASC) project, a dynamic initiative of activists and residents of Point St-Charles, one of Montreal's oldest working-class communities. The Autonomous Social Center was opened on May 29, 2009, and was intended to be a building squatted for a variety of different social and political uses.

Organizers of the ASC were planning to install a childcare center, a cinema, an independent media center, and artist studios: all things that this impoverished community is lacking and has been demanding for years.

However, Montreal riot police moved in just 20 hours after the ASC was opened and evicted all the protestors by force.

This podcast begins by exploring the history of Point St-Charles, going back as far as its Irish immigrant roots, and examins how social services have slowly been cut out of the community. It then moves to uncovering the ideas behind the ASC, being self-management, autonomy, and solidarity; all anarchist principles which inspire and drive the organizers.

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