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Out Against Israeli Apartheid - Queers unite in solidarity with Palestine

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This report feature different queer voices reflecting on struggles against Israeli apartheid today, and struggles against South African apartheid in the 1980's.

Featured in this report are:

*Natalie Kouri-Towe, Queers Against Israeli Apartheid - Toronto

*Leila Pourtavaf, member of Q-Team and organizer for Pervers/cite - Montreal

*Tim McCaskell, founder of the Simon Nkoli Anti-Apartheid Committee, a queer group which fought against South African apartheid in the 1980's - Toronto

*Rawda Morcos, general coordinator of Aswat - Haifa, Palestine

In late June, 2009, 200 people marched in a boisterous contingent in the Toronto Pride parade under the banner Queers Against Israeli Apartheid. A few years prior, radical Israeli queer folks with the group Black Laundry made waves when they marched with a banner exclaiming "No Pride in the Occupation!", refusing to be complicit as the second intifada was breaking out. And now, Q-Team and other allied groups are gearing up for a similar intervention in the Montreal pride parade on August 16th.

This report examines these recent expressions of queer resistance against Israeli apartheid, as well as looks at how queer people have been involved in other anti-racist and anti-imperialist movements over the last decades.

While Israel tries to lure gay and lesbian tourists from all over the world, proclaiming itself the only country which is safe for queers in the Middle-East, we will examine why more and more, queer communities around the world are crying far and wide, "No pride in apartheid!".

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