Groundwire - June 2008 - Available for download NOW!

GroundWire - JUNE 2008 - Available now for download and broadcast!

To download the June 2008 edition of Groundwire, visit:

GroundWire is a project of the National Campus/ Community Radio
Association, providing grassroots coverage of local stories with
progressive on national and international issues. This month we bring you
GroundWire from the National Campus/ Community Radio Conference taking
place in Windsor, ON. All the segments have been produced during the
conference in the studios of our host CJAM 91.5 FM.

Host(s): Afeisha James and Omme-Salma Rahemtulla

Featured Speakers/Guests: This month GroundWire reports on the Canadian
Government's apology to First Nations and the Truth and Reconcilliation
Committee, the feminist response to Bill C-484, the Barrier Lake
Solidarity Caravan, an interview with Bob Lovelace recorded after his
release from prison, and the impact on Auto Workers due to car plant
closures in Windsor.

Credits: Thanks to all who lent their audio and voices for this piece, we
were unable to include everyone's name here, but you know who you are and

This month, GroundWire was produced at the annual conference of the NCRA
hosted this year by CJAM in Windsor, Ontario. More info about the
workshops and the Nat'l Campus/Comm Radio Conf is available online at