Tear Down the Apartheid Wall in Palestine!

FRIDAY MAY 6th, 6pm
Gathering Point: Guy & de Maisonneuve
(Metro Guy Concordia)

Bring your signs, banners, flags, and other symbols of Palestinian

This is a call for your solidarity and participation in a demonstration
organized by the Coalition Against the Deportation of Palestinian Refugee
and the International Solidarity Movement in Montreal. This demonstration
aims to highlight the Palestinian struggle for self-determination in
Montreal, Palestine and throughout the world.

In Montreal and throughout Canada upwards of 100 Palestinian refugeeS
continue to face deportation from Canada at the hands of Citizenship and
Immigration Canada. For over 2 years, those Palestinian refugees facing
deportation have continued to organize collectively against deportation,
detention and for their status, actively engaging in political campaigns
in Toronto, Montreal & Vancouver with the support of thousands of people
across the country and the world. The struggle against Palestinian
deportations continues within the context of a larger movement of
immigrants and refugees throughout Canada, who are standing up to the
racist policies of Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

In Palestine the struggle against Israeli occupation, colonialism and for
liberation continues on a daily basis. The Israeli state continues the
construction of the Apartheid Wall in Palestine, this past February 2005,
Ariel Sharon's government approved the final route of the wall. Upon final
 approval, Israeli occupation forces have moved forward with the wall's
construction at a tremendous speed, Palestinian villages such as Biddu,
Beit Surik, Bil'in, Rafat, and Hebron have seen the total devastation of
their agricultural and residential lands during the past month, but
resistance is on the rise in Palestine.

The time for international solidarity with the Palestinian struggle
against Israeli occupation and the ongoing construction of the Apartheid
Wall is now! Repeated calls from occupied Palestine for international
support and solidarity have been sounded and here in Montreal we plan to
take the streets in solidarity.

The Canadian government remains both complicit and also actively engaged
with the war against Palestinians at home and abroad. At home Immigration
Canada continues its policy of deportation of Palestinians back to both
occupied Palestine and the war-torn Palestinian refugee camps of Lebanon.
Abroad the Canadian government remains a silent partner in the ongoing
colonization of Palestine. Recently the Canadian government refused to
vote in favor of a resolution at the United Nations to condemn the Israeli
 Apartheid Wall, illustrating clearly the Canadian government's complicity
 with ongoing Israeli occupation and colonialism, which is destroying
Palestinians lives.

We must stand united with Palestinians in Montreal and in Palestine in
their struggle for self-determination, justice and dignity! We will take
the streets of Montreal in solidarity with Palestinians in Canada who are
struggling for status and in Palestine who continue to resist the
Apartheid Wall and Israeli occupation.

Down with the Apartheid Wall!
Stop the Deportation of Palestinian Refugees from Canada!

In Solidarity,
the Coalition Against the Deportation of Palestinian Refugees
the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) - Montreal

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