CKUT: No Jail-time for Shawn Brant

Mohawk activist cleared of seven charges for land defence

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On September 29th, in a Belleville court, a conviction for three counts of mischief was entered against Mohawk spokesperson Shawn Brant for his role in the CN rail line and Highway 401 blockades which took place in April and June, 2007.

Brant has been ordered to stay on the Tyendinaga reserve for three months and to be on probation for one year. Originally, the Crown had been asking for 12 years in jail for Brant. While Shawn Brant will face no more jail time for the blockades and will not go to trial, there are still 16 people from the Tyendinaga facing criminal charges for defending their community.

I spoke on the phone with Shawn Brant about his reaction to the Crown's move to drop 7 of his charges and clear him of his jail time.

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