CKUT Radio: Canadian Corporate Power in Mexico


An interview with Fabian Duran of the Mexico City Independent Media Center ( Recorded in Mexico City on July 11, 2007.

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San Pedro is a small town in the region of San Louis de Potosi, Mexico, which is facing an imminent danger. Metallica Resources, a Canadian-owned mining company, is setting up a project to excavate an entire hillside in the town to withdraw resources from the earth. The town’s residents have been struggling hard against the project for many years now, but to little avail.

I spoke with Fabian Duran, an independent media activist and film-maker who works with the Independent Media Center in Mexico City. Fabian traveled to San Pedro in early July of this year to speak with the villagers, miners, and other anti-mine activists in the town. Here he recounts some of the findings of his trip, including the environmental impacts of the mining project, the forced displacement of the villagers, and the corrupt dealings between Metallica resources and the former Vincente Fox government.

Meanwhile, George W. Bush, Stephen Harper, and now-Mexican president Felipe Calderon are preparing to meet in late August in Montebello, Quebec, to continue planning out the Security and Prosperity Partnership. As we move into an era of North American integration and an extention of NAFTA, this report looks at the human impact of Canadian corporate power in Mexico.

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