CKUT Radio: Labour for Palestine

CKUT Radio: Labour for Palestine
Standing up for Palestinian workers in Toronto

A 20-minute report on the Labour for Palestine contingent in the Toronto
Labour Day parade on September 3, 2007

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On September 3, 2007, many sectors of the organized labour movement
converged in downtown Toronto for the annual labour day parade, bringing
with them a wide range of demands to improve workplace conditions, and job
security across Canada. Amongst them was a group aiming to bring a more
international focus to this year's parade, the Coalition Against Israeli
Apartheid, or CAIA. Marching under the banner "Stand up for Palestinian
workers", the Labour for Palestine contingent organized by CAIA was
calling on Canadian workers to stand in solidarity with the labour
movement in Palestine, where workers suffer some of the worst conditions
in the world, largely due to the 40-year old Israeli occupation.

In this report, we will hear some of the voices from the Labour for
Palestine contingent. They reflect on workers' struggles at home, in
Palestine, and draw lessons from the labour movement's role in toppling
apartheid in South Africa.

Produced for the CKUT community news collective in Montreal by Aaron Lakoff

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