Groundwire August 2008 edition - Download it today!

GroundWire is a project of the National Campus/ Community Radio Association, providing grassroots coverage of local stories with progressive perspectives on national and international issues. This month CJSF 90.1FM brings you GroundWire from Burnaby, BC.

Download the August 2008 edition of Groundwire by visiting:

Host(s): Sarah Hyde
Featured Speakers/Guests: This month GroundWire reports on spectrum scarcity and the issue at CFXU, the walk for justice, private/public partnerships or P3s in Alberta, the battles over wind energy on native land, and two Canadian companies sued by a Palestinian village.

Credits: Thank you to this month's contributors: Courtney Kirby, Neskie Manual, Aaron Lakoff, Candace Mooers, Christopher Currie, Mark Shields, Sarah Hyde and Adam Dewji.

Extra special thanks to Courtney Kirby for additional last minute assistance and Omme Rahemtullah for "understanding".