Groundwire - November Edition Now Available for Download

The November 2008 Edition of Groundwire is ready for download!Groundwire is a project by the National Campus and Community Radio Association (NCRA), providing grassroots coverage of local issues with progressive perspectives on national and international news.Click here to download:

Or from the NCRA exchange website: this month's groundwire:FEATURES:-The shooting and killing of 18 year old Fredy Villanueva by a Montreal police officer
-The disruption of the Spirit Train cross country tour by native and anti-Olympics organizers
-Rising poverty and grassroots anti-poverty organizing in Peterborough, OntarioSTATION REPORT:- CFBX 92.5 FM campus community radio in Kamloops B.C. recently went from low to high powerHEADLINES:-The Algonquins of Barriere Lake blockade highway 117 in Northern Quebec demanding a leadership reselection in their community, met with tear gas and riot cops

-After 16 months in detention in Canada, Basque political prisoner Ivan Sancho was deported from Canada to Spain on October 18th

-Protests in opposition to Nova Scotia Power's removal of overburden from a coal mine in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

-Media Democracy day celebrated by CFRC community radio in Kingston, Ontario

Thanks to Aaron Lakoff, Amy Miller, Leah Girardo, Courtney Kirkby, Christopher Currie, Nick Macleod, Adam Bemma, Asaf Rashid, Leanne Arnison, Candice Cascanette and Neskie Manuel.

Featuring submissions from:CKDU, Halifax, NS
CFBX, Kamloops, BC
CFRC, Kingston, ON
CKUT, Montreal, QC

This month's edition of Groundwire was produced by CKDU 88.1 fm campus community radio in Halifax. For more information visit us at To reach us by email, send your feedback to

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