Haiti - Mastering the Art of Trap Avoidance


CKUT Radio: Haiti - Mastering the Art of Trap Avoidance
Escaping a 'people-less' democracy

Listen to an interview with John Macdonald and Patrick Elie in Port au
Prince, Haiti. John is a Haiti solidarity activist and independent
journalist from Montreal, and Patrick is a long-time grassroots organizer
in Haiti. Here they talk about the upcoming presidential elections, the
recent death of an RCMP officer in Cite Soley, and Haitian resistance to
Canadian imperialism.

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Nearly two years after the coup d'etat against President Jean-Bertrand
Aristide, and a few weeks before the scheduled elections, the country of
Haiti still finds itself in a state of turmoil.

While the Canadian mainstream media paid heavy attention to the death of
Marc Bourque, an RCMP officer stationed in Haiti, in late December, little
context was given to the role that Canada is currently playing in the
country. As the UN, the USA, and Canada push forth to impose their
elections on the Hatian people, Haitians are pushing back, demanding real
justice and democracy.

We were joined on the phone with John Macdonald and Patrick Elie in Port
au Prince. John is an activist from Montreal, currently in Haiti. He
shares with us the current political climate in the country, as well as
the reaction of Haitians to the death of Marc Bourque. Patrick is a
long-time political organizer in his home country. He explains the
problematic aspects of these presidential elections (which many Haitians
have dubbed 'selections'), Haitian resistance tactics (such as the recent
mass voter registrations to thwart the wishes of the political elite), and
Canadian imperial ambitions in Haiti.

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Produced for the CKUT (90.3FM) community news collective in Montreal by
Aaron Lakoff (aaron at resist dot ca).