July 2008 Groundwire - Available for download!

The July 2008 GroundWire, mixed by CFRC in Kingston Ontario, is now available online
at: http://www.ncra.ca/exchange/dspProgramDetail.cfm?programID=72764

This month, GroundWire reports on the grassroots opposition to the expansion of
Chebucto Road in Nova Scotia, alternative perspectives on the 400th anniversary of

CKUT: The Montreal Sessions anti-colonial Canada Day with 23

CKUT's The Montreal Sessions
July 1st, 2008
Anti-colonial Canada Day music mix

Download the July 1st edition of CKUT's The Montreal Sessions, with a
wonderful anti-colonial Canaduh day mix!

Click this link to download:

Every Tuesday on CKUT, 90.3FM from 3-5pm, the Montreal Sessions brings a

Letter: Nothing to celebrate this Canada Day

Canada oh canada

[Cela est une lettre que moi et une amie ont envoyé aux journaux de montréal pour le fête du canada. La version française suit celui en anglais.

This is a letter that a friend and I wrote to the newspapers in Montreal on Canada Day this year. The french version follows the english one.]

Groundwire - June 2008 - Available for download NOW!

GroundWire - JUNE 2008 - Available now for download and broadcast!

To download the June 2008 edition of Groundwire, visit:

GroundWire is a project of the National Campus/ Community Radio
Association, providing grassroots coverage of local stories with
progressive on national and international issues. This month we bring you

The Palestine Investment Conference – Changing the face of the crisis

An interview with Dawood Hamoudeh of Stop the Wall in Ramallah, Palestine.

-->To download or listen to the audio version of this report, visit:

Israel at 60 - Business as usual, and homes for sale

Haifa, Palestine - May 19, 2008

Standing on the beach of Haifa, on the coast of the Mediterranean sea in
northern Israel, I had a very strange phone conversation.

A friend and I were filming and photographing old abandoned homes. Many of
these beautiful beach-front homes are still standing, although fenced off
and sealed up. One such house had a large real-estate sign on the front,

Three Women from Haifa

Palestinian women speak on suffering, displacement, and solutions

-->To download or listen to these interviews, visit:

-->These interviews will also be airing as part "Radio Free Palestine", an international radio broadcast to be held on May 15, 2008, to commemorate 60 years of the Palestinian Nakba. For more information:

Returning to Palestine: What's in a year? What's in 60?

Ramallah, Palestine - April 18, 2008

Three years can be a long time, or a little blip in history. It has been
three years since I was first in Palestine, and now I am back. Years are a
funny thing here. Many can go by, and nothing can change. Take, as an
example, one of the large billboards outside of Jerusalem right now, which

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