NATO and the Man Behind the Curtain

Bucharest, Romania - April 3, 2008

Radio-documentaire: Les luttes des sans-papiers en France

Un radio-documentaire des luttes des sans-papiers en France
Réalisé par Aaron Lakoff.

Pour ecouter ou telecharger ce documentaire, visitez:

-->Pour voir une gallerie de photos des luttes des sans-papiers en France,

History of Squatting in the UK

Jim is a resident of London, England, and a long-time organizer with the Advisory Service for Squatters, A.S.S. Here he speaks about the history of squatting in the UK, going as far back as the 1300's. This interview looks at squatting's relationship to the anarchist movement in the UK, the changing legal framework around squatting, and squatting within a framework of other social movements in the country.

Ostavke Odmah! Sarajevo Residents Speak Out Against Corruption

Listen to a report on violence and government corruption in Sarajevo, Bosnia.

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Hopping Metros, Hopping Borders

Paris, February 12, 2008

I’m pretty upset right now, so I’ll keep this short. I am on the metro in Paris as I write this. When I got into the metro, at Belleville station, an area with a lot of immigrants, something tense and peculiar was happening.

Just outside the turnstiles there was a small group of people shouting; «Attention sans-papiers! The police are doing a control! »

Photos and Audio: Demos for Gaza in London and Paris

To view a photo gallery of demonstrations to end the Israeli siege on Gaza in London and Paris, visit:

To hear an 8 minute audio montage from the demo in London, visit:

Gentrification and the Olympics in East London

London, January 22, 2008

So folks back home ask me “how is merry old England?” Well, it may be old, but it is not merry. It is quite frightening how people live here actually.

Free the Harmondsworth 4 (photos and audio)

A report from a demonstration to free the Harmondsworth 4 - four men who are standing trial in London, England for allegedly taking part in a riot in a migrant detention center.

-->To download or listen to this 13 minute audio report, visit:

-->To view a photo gallery from this demonstration, visit:

CKUT: Laibar Singh Update

Indian refugee's deportation from Canada is stopped for a second time

An interview with Mariana Payet of No One Is Illegal Vancouver on the recent actions to stop Laibar Singh's deportation to India.

--->To download or listen to this report, visit:

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