Factories, Bedrooms, and Battlefields: Emma Goldman and Anarchist Opposition to World War

Anarcha feminism

by Aaron Lakoff

Of all the great women in American history, not many have left as profound a mark as Emma Goldman. At one point called “one of America's most dangerous radicals” by the New York Times, Goldman was an influential anarchist feminist who was loved by her comrades and workers all around the world, and hated by bosses and politicians. Perhaps one of the most remarkable things about this woman is that she was involved in struggles around a plethora of social issues, including women's rights to birth control, workers' rights, and prisoner justice. However, in 1917, the year that American President Woodrow Wilson made a dramatic decision to send his troops across the Atlantic Ocean to fight in World War 1, Goldman decided to devote herself entirely to opposing the war and many of its consequences, both abroad and at home. In this paper, we will examine Emma Goldman's anti-war activism, and the impact that it made at the time of the USA's involvement in WW1. Furthermore, we will look at how her opposition to war was drawn from her anarchist and feminist positions on class, individual freedom, and democracy which she held so dearly.

Free Speech Radio News: OCAP Demonstrates to Secure Housing for the Poor

Free Speech Radio News:
OCAP Demonstrates to Secure Housing for the Poor

On the four year anniversary of a historic squat eviction in Toronto, Canada, the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty held a demonstration to reclaim abandoned buildings for poor and homeless people in the city. CKUT's Aaron Lakoff reports from Toronto.

-->To download or listen to this 2-minute report, visit:

CKUT Radio: Remembering Lillian Robinson


Listen to a special edition of CKUT's "Off the Hour", where we remember
the late activist and feminist scholar Lillian Robinson.

--->To download or listen to this radio report, visit:

Lillian Robinson was a Montreal-based activist, feminist scholar, and
all-around powerful woman. Sadly, Lillian Robinson died of cancer on

I'm here because of Lillian, I fight because Lillian fought

Lillian Robinso
It is with sadness that I write to you all that a dear friend and comrade, Lillian Robinson, died Wednesday morning of ovarian cancer. I feel compelled to write because I feel that where I am at this particular point in my life is very much the result of Lillian, and for that I am grateful.

I went into Lillian's office at the Simone de Beauvoir institute at Concordia in early June of this year to meet with her. Speaking to her across a desktop cluttered to the brim with books, papers, and flyers, we discussed my enrollment in Women's Studies at Concordia. I told her frankly about my fears, my distaste for academia, and my worry that studying feminism in a university setting might detach it from social struggles in real life.

Manequins dancing in my free time

Yup, that's me with the creepy manequin head, dancing with my friend's band, Islands, at a music festival in Montreal. Just some of the weird shit I've been doing in my free time these days.

CKUT Radio: Poets Against War

Opposition to bombs through words

poets against war  

A report on Poets Against War, an evening of spoken word and poetry in Montreal to respond to recent wars in the Middle-East and elsewhere.

To download or listen to this report, visit:

Written on a monument in Charlottetown, PEI

I was travelling through Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island in mid-August, when I came across this plaque, located on a war monument statue just outside the provincial legislature building. Even though it was written long ago, it's interesing how blatantly obvious the reference is to Canadian imperialism. Seems like our role in the empire still hasn't chaged unfortunately. Here it is:

"To the men of the Royal Canadian Regiment who by their valor and efficiency have made manifest to the world Canada's abilities and willingness to share with the Motherland the duties and responsibilities

Extra! Extra! The Gazette supports Israeli Agression in Lebanon and Palestine!

war propaganda  

-->To view photos from this demonstration, visit:

Montreal, August 15, 2006 – On the morning of Tuesday, August 15, approximately 30 activists from Montreal entered the lobby of the Gazette’s downtown office to begin a demonstration. Being the same day that a certain American war criminal was due to speak at a conference in Montreal, the demonstrators were determined to send a message to the staff of the Gazette that this would not be normal work day.

Radio Tadamon! War and Resistance in Lebanon

beirut rubble  

Listen to this month's edition of Radio Tadamon!, produced by the Tadamon! collective in conjunction with CKUT community radio in Montreal.

To download or listen to the program, visit:

Free Speech Radio News: Canadian-Lebanese Community Rallies in Canada

lebanese demo  

-->To listen to a 2-minute feature on Lebanese protests in Montreal by Aaron Lakoff, visit:

Chants of “Long live Lebanon!” were heard in a park across the street from
the Israeli consulate in Montreal as members of the Lebanese community
held a demonstration during the seventh day of an Israeli assault on

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