Montreal Resists Israeli Terrorism in Lebanon and Gaza

anarchists against walls  
--> For photos of the demonstration from Friday and Sunday, visit:

--> For audio reports from Stefan Christoff and Sawsan Kalache, Tadamon!
Montreal members currently in Beirut, visit:

Montreal, July 16, 2006 -- Montrealers have taken to the streets twice

CKUT: Security Certificates on Trial


Listen to a report on the Supreme Court hearings on the Security Certificates in Ottawa. The hearings were held between June 13-15, 2006.

-->To download or listen to this report, visit:

-->To download another 4 minute radio feature for Free Speech Radio News, visit:

Broadcast Against Borders (May 22-26, 2006)

CKUT Radio Presents - Broadcast Against Borders [May 23rd - 26th]

A week-long series of broadcasts on migration struggles in Montreal &
throughout North America. This broadcast will be broadcast in numerous
cities, and is being co-presented by CKLN radio in Toronto, and CFRU,
Co-operative Radio in Vancouver. Broadcast Against Borders takes place in
the lead up to the 'Status for All' cross-Canada day of action on May 27th
& is being coordinated by CKUT Radio's Community News Collective....

For more info:

In Montreal, tune in to 'Off the Hour' on CKUT, 90.3fm, from TUESDAY, May 23rd,

George Sossenko and the Spanish Civil War

George Sossenko

An anarchist veteran reflects on his experience in the war

To download or listen to this interview, visit;

George Sossenko is an 87-year old veteran of the Spanish Civil War. At the age of 16, he left his home in France to fight against Franco's fascists with the anarchsists of the Durruti column. A dedicated, life-long anarchist, George is still an active organizer as he travels and gives lectures on this important period in revolutionary history.

Emma Goldman in Montreal! (May 7, 13, 24, 25)

Emma Cartoon
***WeNous Presents***

"The Emma Goldman Project"

A collective, multimedia play based on Howard Zinn's « Emma », about
history, labour, love, and anarchy, through the life of Emma Goldman.
Emma Goldman

Four Performances during the month of May!

*******************Sunday, May 7th************************************
Centre Culturel Cote des Neiges
5347 Chemin Cote des Neiges

CKUT Radio: NYC United for Immigrant Rights

NYC demo

CKUT Radio: NYC United for Immigrant Rights

-->To download or listen to this 7-minute radio report of interviews and
audio from the A10 NYC demo, visit:

-->To view photos from the demo by Aaron Lakoff and Brett Story, visit:

CKUT Radio: GUTS to Resist Police Violence

CKUT Radio: GUTS to Resist Police Violence

Sexual assault used as a police weapon in Guelph, Ontario

Listen to an interview with Nicole Freeborn and Alex Tinter of the Guelph
Union of Tenants and Supporters (GUTS). On International Women's Day of
this year (March 8/06), Nicole Freeborn was sexually assaulted by a cop at
a demonstration.

To download or listen to the program, visit:

On International Women's Day of 2006 (March 8), Nicole Freeborn, 27,


CKUT Radio and Haiti Action Montreal present:

Covering and Uncovering the Coup!
A multi-media soiree of culture and politics reflecting on Haitian resistance
to Canadian imperialism and the coup d'etat of 2004

Studio XX
338 Terasse St-Denis
(metro Sherbrooke, south of Sherbrooke street, just off St-Denis)
Entry by donation ($5 suggested)


-->A presentation from Leslie Bagg, Darren Ell, and Aaron Lakoff, three
Montreal-based independent journalists who travelled to Haiti for the month of
January, 2006. They will present photos and audio clips from their trip,

The Haitian Revolution and Black History

Patrick Elie speaks for CKUT's Black History Month

Patrick Elie is a long-time poltical and human rights activist in Haiti. While he is a chemist by trade, he is also someone who is passionate about his people and their history.

We spoke with Patrick Elie in Port au Prince about Haiti's history and the slave revolt in the context of Black History Month. Elie asserts that the Haitian revolution was not only a momentous event for Haitians, but for people all over the world in demonstrating that freedom, not slavery, was the natural state of humankind.

Elie elloquently makes the links between Haiti's distant past, and the current political situation, as imperialist forces are once again meddling in the country's affairs. Just like in 1791, Haitians are today embroiled in a struggle against racist imperialism and colonization. The characters and terms have changed, but the game largely remains the same.

CKUT Radio: Haiti for the Haitians

CKUT Radio - Haiti for the Haitians
Patrick Elie and Haiti's struggle for self-determination

Listen to an interview with Haitian activist Patrick Elie, recorded recently in Port au Prince.

To download or listen to this interview, visit:

Patrick Elie is a long-time political and human rights activist in Haiti. He served as the Secretary of State for National Defence under Jean-Bertrand Aristide's first term in office, and was the national coordinator against drug trafficking from 1991-94.

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