On the Necessity of Grassroots Media

I just wrapped up a 3 month contract at CKUT community radio as the interim news coordinator the other day, and I will soon be starting work as the news director of CUTV, the amazing campus-community television station of Concordia University. These last few months in Quebec with the student strike and social uprising have been hectic, beautiful, at times scary, and ultimately incredibly inspiring. These are certainly amazing times as well to be working as an independent journalist in Montreal. I feel incredibly privileged to be moving from one amazing grassroots media organization to another, so I wanted to reflect on my experience in these organizations, and the necessity of grassroots media in times like these.

CKUT Round Table: What Next For the Student Strike?

Audio from a live round-table discussion on CKUT's Off the Hour on Friday, March 30th.

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On March 22, one of the largest demonstrations in Canadian history took place with over 200 thousand students filling the streets of Montreal to protest the provincial Charest government's proposed tuition hikes of $1625 over the next 5 years. That demo was followed by a week of direct actions and economic disruptions aimed at state institutions. Our in-studio panel of student and community activists responded to the general question "what next for the student strike?".

CKUT: Live Update from Montreal Anti-Police Brutality Demo

March 15 marks the International Day of Action Against Police Brutality, and each year, a large demonstration against police brutality and repression takes place in Montreal.

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Israeli Apartheid Week Montreal 2012 - March 5-13

*Israeli Apartheid Week | March 5-13th, 2012


8th annual Israeli Apartheid Week featuring inspiring conferences, workshops, film screenings, demonstrations, and cultural events to raise awareness around the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) campaign against Israeli apartheid.

Full schedule below!

A Radical History of the New Jewish Agenda: Interview with Ezra Nepon

A Radical History of the New Jewish Agenda
Interview with Ezra Nepon

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Ezra Nepon is a Philadelphia-based activist and author who is currently raising money to publish a popular history book of the New Jewish Agenda.

Decolonizing Anarchism: Interview with Maia Ramnath

Decolonizing Anarchism
An interview with author Maia Ramnath

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Maia Ramnath is an author and anarchist activist based in New York City. Her latest book is called "Decolonizing Anarchism: An anti-authoritarian history of India's liberation struggle", published by AK Press.

Audio: Vigil for Farshad Mohammadi

Recordings of various Montreal-based artists performing at a vigil for Farshad Mohammadi inside Bonaventure metro station on January 10, 2012. Mohammadi was a homeless man who was murdered by the Montreal police inside the metro station on January 6, 2012. Days later, a protest vigil was organized near where he was shot dead by the Howl Arts collective. For more information, visit:

FSRN: Canadians warn of healthcare cuts as government weighs shift in spending

Free Speech Radio News
Canadians warn of healthcare cuts as government weighs shift in spending

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Leaders of all the Canadian provinces and territories continue meetings in Victoria today where they’re discussing the future of the country’s public healthcare system. This follows the Finance Minister's announcement in December of a new federal funding package. Many are concerned that the new deal could mean sweeping changes to the healthcare system in the near future. FSRN’s Aaron Lakoff reports.

FSRN: UN to investigate violence against Aboriginal women in Canada

In Canada, unsolved cases of missing and murdered indigenous women are growing. Recently, the United Nations announced that it will initiate an inquiry procedure. Indigenous leaders have long called on authorities to look into the ongoing problem. FSRN’s Aaron Lakoff has the story from Montreal.

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McGill University - Is this Class War? Yes, This is Class War

Riot police on McGill campus. Photo: Victor Tangermann, McGill Daily

Well, yesterday, November 10 2011, was certainly like none other I've ever seen at McGill University in Montreal. Sometimes you just gotta fight back, you know?

I've said this before, but I think whenever the police use chemical weapons like tear gas and pepper spray against us, it sets off something special in the mind. Of course it's painful and horrible, but it also (for me at least) serves as a bittersweet reminder that we are part of a worldwide movement to demand free education and a protection of social services. It serves as a harsh reminder that the police are not our friends, and also that we are being effective in fighting back against an economic logic that says that it's justifiable that a few get rich while the rest of us have to pay more for education, more for healthcare, more for daycare, etc. And students from Santiago to Athens to London and now Montreal are realizing this more and more.

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