FSRN: The “Slutwalks” feminist initiative becomes an international phenomenon

Photo: Montreal Gazette

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An edgy feminist initiative called "Slutwalks" is quickly becoming an international phenomenon with marches tomorrow in Chicago and Los Angeles. It first started in Toronto, and since then women have been coming out in the streets in large numbers to denounce rape, sexual assault, and “victim-blaming”. FSRN's Aaron Lakoff has the story from Montreal, where a recent march took place.

Postal Workers on Strike Across Canada - Interview with a postal worker in Fredericton, NB

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Ruth Breen is a letter carrier and a member of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) in Fredericton, New Brunswick. I interviewed Ruth at the Fredericton CUPW local office the night before the union launched a cross-country rotating strike to fight for better wages and better working conditions. Just prior to the interview, Ruth had been busy preparing picket signs and other strike materials.

Stephen Harper Confronted in Montreal

Photo: Dave GreenEye

Montreal – April 29 – Today, a group of activists and Montreal residents representing a diversity of social struggles attempted to disrupt a rally with Stephen Harper at the Ben Weider community centre in the neighbourhood of Cote-des-Neiges. Protestors were enraged by the fact that Harper intended to speak in Cote-des-Neiges, a working-class immigrant community in Montreal, on one of the last days of the election campaign. Cote-des-Neiges, one of the poorest areas in Montreal, has come under direct attack from policies of the Harper Conservative government since 2006.

The Link: Academia, Apartheid, and the Ties that Bind

Poster for Israeli Apartheid Week 2011, designed by Nidal El Khairy


I met Ashraf Jabaar three years ago in Ramallah, part of occupied Palestine. Ashraf had just successfully led a campaign at his school, the Arab American University of Jenin, to boycott Israeli products across the entire campus.

Les victoires sont pour les peuples - Entrevue avec une militante féministe haïtienne

Rea Dol (credit: Toronto Star)

"Les victoires sont pour les peuples, et nous gagnerons la bataille." - Rea Dol

Partie 1:

Partie 2:

Rea Dol est une militante féministe haïtienne qui habite à Port au Prince. Depuis le séisme en Haïti en 2010, elle a travaillé sans cesse dans des quartiers populaires de la capitale pour aider à rebatir son pays.

Ottawa Movement Defense Update

An interview with Matt Morgan-Brown, an activist with Ottawa Movement Defense, and one of the RBC firebombing defendants. Here he speaks to recent updates in the cases, as well as to what people can do in solidarity with political prisoners in Canada.

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Groupons-nous, et demain...

Groupons-nous, et demain... by aaronmaiden

Des sons enregistrés pendant la manifestation des parapluies rouges de Stella pour les droits des travailleurs-euses de sexe, le 17 décembre 2010. Pour plus d'informations, visitez: www.chezstella.org

Field recording: Haitian Marching Band

I have begun to post many of my recordings and audio projects on www.soundcloud.com. You can visit my profile to hear some recent sound art, radio dramas, and documentary work:

Here is something I posted recently that I love. It is a field recording I did in Port au Prince, Haiti in January 2006 of a funeral marching band.

Haitian funeral marching band by aaronmaiden

Beit Sahour Backyard

Beit Sahour Backyard by aaronmaiden

A sound art piece composed in the context of my work in the sound production program in the Communications Studies department at Concordia University.

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