FSRN: G8 and G20 meetings wrap up in Canada

G8 and G20 meetings wrap up in Canada

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The G8 and G20 summits wrapped up in Huntsville and Toronto over the weekend, amidst big spending promises from the leaders and the arrests of over 600 protesters. FSRN's Aaron Lakoff was in the streets of Toronto, and files this report.

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Ethopian-Canadians protest PM Meles Zenawi at the G20

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An interview with Kitaba Magarsa, an Ethiopian-Canadian who was protesting the presence of Ethiopian Prime-Minister Meles Zenawi at the G20 meetings in Toronto. Recorded during the June 26th demonstration at Queens Park. Press release below has more information.


June 24th, 2010

*An Unindicted Ethiopian War Criminal at the G20 Summit*

Toronto, Ontario - Ethiopia is neither a wealthy country nor is it

G20 Podcast #6, June 26

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Welcome to the 6th edition of the G20 report from Toronto for June
26th, 2010. The G20 report is your daily run down of resistance to the
G8 and G20 summits, produced by the Alternative Media Centre. Friday
marked the 5th day of demonstration against the G20 under the banner
of Justice for Our Communities, bringing together thousands of people.

In this podcast we will hear the voices of those fighting against
poverty, ableism, and borders, as well as highlights of speeches that were

Sound Cannons and Police Intimidation at the Toronto G20

CKUT Radio: Sound Cannons and Police Intimidation at the Toronto G20
Long Range Accoustic Devices may not be an effective police tool

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As the G20 summit in Toronto draws closer, and the fences go up, anger continues to boil in Canada's largest city about the $1 billion dollars which the state has spent on security.

Squatting the Airwaves: Pirate Radio in Canada

Squatting the Airwaves: Pirate Radio in Canada
An interview with Andrea Langlois and Ron Sakolsky

An interview with two of the editors of the recently released book "Islands of Resistance: Pirate Radio in Canada", conducted at the annual Montreal Anarchist Bookfair.

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FSRN: Cuts to indigenous programs in Canada threaten health services

Free Speech Radio News
Cuts to indigenous programs in Canada threaten health services

by Aaron Lakoff

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The federal budget has come into effect in Canada, but now many aboriginal organizations are unhappy with some key funding decisions. They say some cuts could eliminate vital programs for the community, including health and healing services. Aaron Lakoff has the story from Montreal.

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The Link "Building Anarchism, One Page at a Time"

Poster for the Montreal Anarchist Bookfair


April 6, 2010 Features
Building anarchism, one page at a time
Montreal's Anarchist Bookfair celebrates its 11th edition

by Aaron Lakoff

Glass shards lay scattered on the ground in front of a large chain store on Ste-Catherine Street West.
A young punk, his face covered with a black bandana, screams at a line of riot police.
Molotov cocktails and rocks fly through the air.

The Link: Size Doesn't Matter... but apartheid does

Youth demonstrating beside the apartheid wall near Ramallah, Palestine. Photo: Aaron Lakoff


March 2, 2010 Opinions

Size doesn’t matter ...but apartheid does

The sixth annual Israeli Apartheid Week is back again in Montreal, and will be featuring events on three campuses in the city from March 4 to 11.

by Aaron Lakoff

Every year for the last six years, many cities (43 cities participated last year) around the world join together to coordinate this week, which focuses on the growing campaign of boycotts, divestments and sanctions against the state of Israel. And this year, like every year in the past, pro-Israel apologists respond with campaigns which range from outright offensive to bizarre and puzzling.

The Daily Nuisance in Israel/Palestine: An interview with Lia Tarachansky

CKUT Radio: The Daily Nuisance in Israel/Palestine
New English-language independent media website launched in Jaffa
An interview with Lia Tarachansky, journalist and co-founder of TheDailyNuisance.com

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Interview with Rafeef Ziadah

CKUT Radio
Interview with Rafeef Ziadah
Palestinian spoken word artist speaks about her new CD "Hadeel"

For more information, see www.rafeefziadah.ca.

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