Ottawa Movement Defense Update

Ottawa Movement Defense Update

An interview with Matt Morgan-Brown, an activist with Ottawa Movement Defense, and one of the RBC firebombing defendants. Here he speaks to recent updates in the cases, as well as to what people can do in solidarity with political prisoners in Canada.

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Matt Morgan-Brown from Ottawa Movement Defense gives us an update on the 3 defendants who were charged in relation to the RBC firebombing in Ottawa in May, 2010. Even though Matt's charges have been stayed, Roger Clement was recently sentenced to 3.5 years of prison time after he plead guilty to his charges.

In early January, there was a prisoner uprising at the Millhaven Institution in Kingston, Ontario, where Roger is currently being held. There were reports of brutal police repression and violence, but according to Matt, Roger was unharmed, and despite everything, seems to be doing relatively well.

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