Recent Deaths Prompt Canadians to Call on Police to End Taser Use

Listen to a 5-minute report on taser deaths at the hands of police officers in Canada for Free Speech Radio News.

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Tasers are usually intended to temporarily stun people who pose a
threat to police, other citizens or themselves, but sometimes the
results are deadly. By some counts, more than 200 deaths in the
United States have been linked to Tasers. Since 2003, the Canadian
death count is 16. -

In October alone, two highly publicized Taser deaths have occurred in
Canada - one of a Polish national in the Vancouver airport. Another
of a 38 year-old Montreal resident who was tased five times during an
arrest and later died of multiple heart attacks.

In response, communities across Canada are calling for an end to the
use of tasers.

Produced by Aaron Lakoff in Montreal.

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